Even if the property has defects.
The bill of sale should not have any.

You will receive an individual offer for the contract review at a fixed price starting at CHF 550.- plus VAT.

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By signing a real estate purchase contract or general contractor/total contractor agreement, the buyer/orderer commits themselves to paying several hundred thousand francs. It is therefore worth taking a close look at the opportunities and risks.


Avoid buying a "pig in a poke" so that your dream of owning your own home does not become a nightmare. A designated expert will review the contract in detail and prepare a comprehensive "red flag" report, including tips for optimisation.

When do I need a contract review?

If you like the property and the seller presents you with a draft contract, do not feel pressured to sign. Instead, have a specialist review the text before you sign.


For whom is this contract review best suited?

The offer is aimed at buyers of currently available houses and apartments as well as building owners who are building a house themselves, either through the standard approach with an architect and a company or as a buyer of a turnkey project from a general or total contractor.


How long does a contract review take?

You will receive the contract review results after a maximum of three working days. Individual points must be clarified in more detail afterwards.


What do I get?

You will receive a report with the following components:

  • Evaluation of the seller and/or general/total contractor on the basis of the trade register, references and comments on the Internet
  • Commentary and evaluation of the most important clauses (green/yellow/red).
  • Notes on building specifications
  • Rough property valuation (location, purchase price, geoportal, partial land register (if publicly accessible))
  • Summary of key opportunities and risks
  • Telephone debriefing



  • Condominium ownership: Review of condominium ownership and management regulations
  • For traditional building owners: Review of architectural contract, contract for work and services and the cost estimates
  • Building inspection (preliminary acceptance) together with an architect
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How much does the package cost?

You will receive an individual quote for the contract review.

  • Purchase agreement: 550 CHF plus VAT
  • Contract for work: 660 CHF plus VAT
  • Purchase contract and contract for work and services: 880 CHF plus VAT
  • Condominium ownership/management regulations: 450 CHF plus VAT
  • Architectural contract/ Contract for work and services: 220 CHF plus VAT per contract
  • Preliminary acceptance (with architect on site): 1,500 CHF plus VAT
  • Do you have special requests or circumstances that should be taken into account? Mention them in the free text section in the request form
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What do I need to know about real estate contracts?

The real estate purchase contract is usually drawn up by a notary public appointed by the seller. The interests of the buyer are often not adequately taken into account. The contract is notarised and registered in the land register. The registered promissory notes for arranging the financing are frequently also drawn up at the same time. In the case of new buildings (general/total contractor), the contract for work and services is often concurrently integrated.


All the time, actually. Because of the freedom of design, various difficulties can arise. Individual clauses or missing regulations can have serious negative effects.


Of course, the buyer can rarely enforce the optimum that suits them. It is, however, to the buyer’s advantage if they are aware of the risks. In some cases, it is also possible to take out other forms of coverage (e.g. insurance, guarantees). In addition, it is recommended that the buyer's requests regarding use and risks be taken into account (e.g. taxes, renovation costs, extension/renovation requests, matrimonial property regime).

The purchase contract is signed and notarized at the notary public. Since it can take several weeks until the entry in the land register, this should be done in a timely manner. The bank will not service the loan before the entry. The buyer usually bears the costs.

The warranty and liability are generally excluded from the sales contracts as far as legally permissible. This makes it all the more important to identify as many deficiencies as possible during the handover. An exact description of the object can also help to subsequently assert warranty claims or claims for damages.


In the case of contracts for work and services (individual/general/total contractor), it is necessary to carefully review how the liability/warranty is regulated and whether any warranty claims have been properly assigned.


In principle, it is not possible to withdraw from a contract once it has been signed ("pacta sunt servanda"). Although there are certain legal remedies such as error, deception, improper performance of the contract, etc., which make it possible to rescind the contract, the evidentiary hurdles (and thus also the cost risk) are nevertheless very high for the buyer.