The Startup Package for Ambitious Startups

Found your company like a pro and have professional legal support from day one. All for a transparent package price of CHF 2,690.

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Implementing essential legal foundations from the beginning helps startups start off optimally secured and avoid later unnecessary legal problems and high legal costs. The Startup Package efficiently and cost-effectively covers the areas of Corporate Setup, Contracts, Regulatory, IP, and HR, including personal consultation and legal documents tailored perfectly to the startup.

About the Package

The founding process is included in the Startup Package. We recommend that all founders clarify the most important legal foundations before founding their company, as this not only saves time but also reduces costs compared to individual inquiries. Experience shows that sooner or later, all five legal areas included in the package can become challenging.

Target Audience

Founders and startups who are on the verge of founding their business or those who have already founded but have not yet established legal foundations and are now launching their product or service to the market or closing their first major deal.

Process and Duration

Typically, setting up the legal foundations with the Startup Package takes about 2 weeks, including the following process steps:

  • Kick-off meeting with one of our experts
  • Compilation of all necessary data
  • Initial drafting of legal documents
  • Joint workshop to address all questions
  • Submission and communication with authorities
  • Project completion


The Startup Package includes personal consultation, best-in-class templates, and tailored adjustments for the company. The following are covered:

  • Corporate Setup: Incorporation of PLC (company limited by shares) or Ltd. (limited liability company), consultation on and provision of a shareholder agreement for up to three co-founders, Directorship Agreement, Guide Corporate Housekeeping
  • Contracts: General Terms and Conditions (GTC) for Switzerland for the product or service, Terms of Use for the website, Guide Document Management
  • Regulatory: Basics of data protection (privacy policy and other essential data protection documents), Guide Data Protection FAQ, Overview of regulatory restrictions and requirements for the company
  • Intellectual Property (IP) Protection: Trademark registration in Switzerland, consultation on intellectual property protection strategy, Guide IP, Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)
  • Human Resources (HR): Template for employment contracts and freelancer contracts including IP clauses, consultation on pitfalls when hiring freelancers

Legal Questions

In the kick-off meeting and joint workshop where we discuss all documents, all legal questions regarding the five areas can be clarified personally. The Startup Package also includes understandable guides that document startup legal knowledge and provide tips for founders.


Fixed price CHF 2,690 incl. VAT.

The costs of approximately CHF 600 for notarial certification and approximately CHF 600 for commercial register entry are not included.

You will receive an individual offer for the preparation and implementation of the Startup Package. Do you have any special requests or circumstances that should be taken into account? Please mention them in the free text in the inquiry form.

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I am happy to advise you personally on how to legally optimize the start of your start-up.



Dominic Rogger

Lawyer, lic. iur. LL.M. 

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What do I need to know about starting a business?

The right legal form depends heavily on the business model. If there is a financial risk, we always recommend founding the company in the form of a legal entity. Often, an Ltd. is sufficient at the beginning. However, once you start looking for investors, conversion to a PLC is usually necessary.

We always recommend one whenever you undertake the project with at least one other person. This can help avoid many conflicts and allow you to focus on what is essential for the company.

IP is one of the most important potential competitive advantages for rapidly growing companies. Depending on the business model, IP can be, for example, an invention, software, design, a brand, or special data. Depending on the type of IP, there are different ways to protect it, whether through patents, trademarks, copyright, or simply through confidentiality.

In addition to employment contracts for employees, a shareholder agreement between the founders and a solid standard contract for your own services are crucial.

In addition to the legally mandatory requirements for social security, it is particularly important that the IP created by the employees actually belongs to the company and that you have a legally secure employment contract – legal disputes with employees are among the most common court cases.

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