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Our network of lawyers

GetYourLawyer has a broad network of lawyers with relevant industry knowledge and experience. We ensure that you only receive offers from suitable specialists.

Roland Knutti

For me as your lawyer, the focus is on taking you seriously with your concerns, worries and questions. Mutual trust is the best basis for a successful cooperation, be it in legal advice or in the judicial enforcement of your rights.

Sämi Meier

My international experience enables me to grasp complex issues and to develop pragmatic and economic solutions in a reactive manner. I am particularly active in the fields of criminal law, labour law, social security law and sports law, both litigating and advising.

Jacob Bollag

As a lawyer and notary public, Jacob Bollag advises and certifies clients throughout Switzerland, particularly in the areas of matrimonial and inheritance law as well as corporate and contract law. He is characterized by a professional, efficient and solution-oriented way of working.

Dominic Steffen

Dominic Steffen works mainly in the areas of employment, corporate and contract law, litigation, work permit law and data protection law. Due to his many years of experience in the field of law as well as in the legal service of large companies, he has the necessary experience to advise his clients efficiently, solution-oriented and sustainable.

Denise Tönz

As a lawyer, Denise Tönz advises her clients throughout Switzerland, in particular in contract law, family law, debt collection and bankruptcy law. It is characterised by its pragmatic approach.

Dr. iur. Matthias Michlig

As a lawyer, I would like to offer you high-quality, solution-oriented and efficient support. It is also very important for me to personally support you in the often difficult situation.