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Decide on the right lawyer and commission him by accepting the offer at the click of a mouse. The platform makes it easy to exchange messages and share documents. These tools help you and your lawyer to process the case efficiently and securely.

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In your client account, you can see the services performed by your lawyer at any time and for the entire duration of the mandate. This gives you control over your finances and helps to avoid going over budget. Receive, check and pay your bills with just a few clicks — of course also by credit card.

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With one click, you can start your request via our online tool. Simple, non-binding and transparent.

You describe your case to us and receive offers from suitable lawyers from the network of GetYourLawyer, the reviewer's partner. Compare the offers and the evaluations and engage the legal counsel that suits you. All this in real time and only visible to you in your client account. Once the services have been procured, processing and invoicing take place conveniently online via the platform. If you have any questions, the GetYourLawyer team is at your side.

Describe your request to us in writing and in just a few clicks. If important information is missing, we will contact you personally on the same day and record further important information about your case. We will find the right lawyers for you from our network, and you will receive up to three offers promptly. You will only receive offers from lawyers who specialise in the area of law in question. Once the mandate has been awarded, your lawyer will start working on the case. You have full transparency at all times regarding the costs and invoices incurred and can pay conveniently online — even by credit card.

Our service is free of charge for you, and every enquiry to GetYourLawyer is also non-binding. This means that you only incur costs once you have accepted an offer from a lawyer, and you only pay the costs offered by the lawyer. You have full cost control, even after the representation has been acquired and can view all the activities of your legal adviser on an ongoing basis.

You will receive the lawyer's invoice by e-mail and on the GetYourLawyer platform. The lawyer's fee can be paid by credit card or bank transfer. GetYourLawyer accepts all major credit cards, such as Mastercard, Visa and American Express.

GetYourLawyer has a broad network of trained specialists with relevant specialist and industry knowledge. Through the personal support we provide for each mandate, we ensure a high quality of advice. On the platform, you can also manage your legal cases clearly, cooperate and communicate directly with your lawyer and check and pay all invoices online.

GetYourLawyer does not guarantee that lawyers will make an offer. Among other things, capacity and interest in the case play a role in whether a lawyer makes an offer. As we have a broad and extensive network of attorneys, it rarely happens that clients do not receive suitable offers.

We need your contact details and a description of the case. It helps us and the lawyers if you describe your concern in as much detail as possible and, if available, upload relevant documents. If necessary, GetYourLawyer will clarify further important information directly with you in a short telephone call.

The lawyers in the GetYourLawyer network are experts in their fields of law and, therefore, have the necessary expertise and experience to solve complex problems in these areas. The attorneys are only invited to submit an offer for the mandates in their field of activity.


If you have any questions or uncertainties, please contact the attorney who made the offer and inquire about his or her professional experience. Read the testimonials. Testimonials can give you insight into previous assignments and customer satisfaction. In this way, you will learn in which areas of specialisation the lawyer has been successfully active.

On the platform, lawyers can offer their advice at a fixed price, for an open account or agree to a cost framework for the desired service. Indicate the preferred pricing option in your request if you think it is appropriate to your legal concern. It will also help if you describe your legal concern in detail. The more accurate we are in your case, the better lawyers will be able to estimate your costs and define a fixed price or cost framework for the advice. You will receive up to three offers for settlement. If you have any questions or uncertainties, please contact the attorneys making the offer, and then accept the appropriate offer.

All information and data will be treated confidentially. The information on your case will only be made available to the lawyers who have been selected from the GetYourLawyer network and invited to submit an offer. Your details will not be made accessible to third parties, passed on or published.

Data protection and the secure storage of all data have the highest priority at GetYourLawyer. All data is stored exclusively in a Swiss computer centre. This has all the relevant certifications, including ISO 27001:2013 and ISO 9001:2015. Regular external audits and penetration tests ensure that our application and infrastructure are protected against attacks.