GetYourLawyer is the pioneer of digital change

The legal profession is changing. Digital skills are becoming increasingly important. Those seeking legal assistance are increasingly moving to digital channels and using innovative tools in the cloud. Our founding team of lawyers and software developers has taken this development as an opportunity to develop a digital platform for the cooperation between lawyer and client, where everything takes place in one place. The lawyer search, the collaboration with the lawyer, the payment of fees — everything is done in one place.

Our Mission

The mission of GetYourLawyer is to simplify access to justice and to bring more transparency and simplicity to cooperation with lawyers. Clients should be able to compare offers and understand costs before they secure legal services. The digital service of GetYourLawyer enables easy communication and coordination between client and lawyer. All participants interact via the GetYourLawyer platform, saving time and money — and this is what we mean by efficient and modern legal advice.

About us

The members of the executive board have a lot of know-how and industry knowledge in the fields of software development and legal advice and have many years of experience in building up companies and managing people. The members of the board in the picture are Dominic Rogger (Chairman), Muriel Voelkle and Matthias Isler.