Trademark Registration at a Fixed Price

Certified trademark specialists will handle the trademark registration for a fixed price of CHF 1,300

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A trademark establishes a secure monopoly for your products and services. If you have registered trademark protection first, third parties cannot prevent you from selling your products under your brand and/or offering your services.

About the Package

It is advisable to conduct trademark registration sooner rather than later - ideally before the product launch or the commencement of service offerings, but at the latest, with the initial investments in your brand.

Target Audience

A trademark is essential for anyone involved in commercial activities with products as well as services. It is crucial to secure protection early on and establish a monopoly for your own business, ensuring the safety of your investments in the brand.

Process and Duration

The duration of registration can vary depending on the office. It can take anywhere from a few days to 6-8 months. However, the crucial factor is always the date of application because from that point onwards - regardless of the duration of the registration process - the protection is effective


  • Examination and assessment of the registrability of the desired trademark by a trademark attorney
  • Identity search (for word elements only) for Switzerland
  • Preparation of a list of goods and services
  • Compilation and electronic submission of the application documents to the Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property and reporting on the status
  • Handling of fee payments
  • Transmission of the registration certificate
  • Monitoring of deadlines


Fixed price CHF 1,300 incl. VAT.

This includes official fees amounting to CHF 550 for the application in up to three classes. Each additional class costs CHF 200 (including official fees of CHF 100). The number of classes can only be determined once the scope of protection for your area has been examined and determined.

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Dominic Rogger

Lawyer, lic. iur. LL.M. 

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What do I need to know about trademark registration?

Trademark registration in Switzerland requires three specific conditions, namely:

  1. Owner
  2. Trademark
  3. Scope of Protection

Regarding 1: It must be clear who holds the trademark right, in other words, who should be the owner of the mark. There are various possibilities. It can be a legal entity (AG, GmbH, or limited partnership business), a natural person, or even a foundation, association, or federation.

Regarding 2: Another requirement is a trademark. This is ultimately the sign you want to register. Most trademark applications fall into three standard cases: (a) word mark, (b) combined word/picture mark, or (c) picture mark. You should internally discuss which word or sign your company intends to use in the future.

Regarding 3: The final requirement is the scope of protection. Trademarks are not protected abstractly but only in connection with specific goods and services. For this reason, you must specify when registering your trademark for which goods and/or services you want to register the mark.

Trademark registration is not a one-time event but a process. During this process, various things can happen. In the application process itself, the trademark can be rejected by the relevant office due to lack of distinctiveness, or a third party may assert older rights even after receiving the trademark certificate. Even years after the actual trademark application, you may still receive cease-and-desist letters. Therefore, it is essential to have professional assistance at all times.

Those who try to save on their trademark end up saving in the wrong place. Trademark protection provides both security for the company and represents an asset independent of the company. The value of the mark increases with the success and recognition of the goods and/or services it designates.

There are various options; either nationally in the respective countries or through the WIPO's Madrid System. If you have a need in this regard, further clarification is required. Therefore, please feel free to contact us.

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