Foundation of a PLC/LLC (AG/GmbH)

Proven specialists carry out the foundation of a PLC/LLC starting from CHF 650.-

To establish a public limited company (AG) or a limited liability company (GmbH), a great variety of documents must be prepared and submitted to the cantonal Commercial Register for registration. This is because the public limited company can only be formed once it has been entered in the Commercial Register.

The Commercial Register reviews the documents submitted and only accepts the registration if all the documents meet the legal requirements. With our foundation package, you ensure tha the documents will not only be expertly prepared by lawyers and notaries but will also immediately be notarised. This will then delays and unnecessary costs, enabling you to focus on other activities for the successful launch of your new business.

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When do I need the legal package?

The package becomes necessary as soon as the decision to form a company has been made. Ideally, it has also already been determined whether a PLC or an LLC should be founded, and the necessary details (e.g. company name, registered office, capital) have been specified. If necessary, our lawyers can advise you thoroughly concerning the legal form of the company and the details of the company.

For whom is the legal package suitable?

The package is designed for anyone seeking to set up a PLC or an LLC in the German-speaking area of Switzerland and wants an uncomplicated and inexpensive foundation process. The foundations are performed by certified powers of attorney so that the founders do not need to be present in person.

How long does the preparation take?

Once all the details of the new company to be founded have been finalised and a capital payment account has been opened, the formation, including registration entry in the Commercial Register, usually takes about two weeks.

What do you get?

The package covers the following:

  • Consultation (optional)
  • Compilation of the required documents
  • Notarisation
  • Submission of documents to the Commercial Register

How much does the package cost?

The foundation package is offered for a flat rate starting at 650.00 CHF.

The flat rate includes the notarisation fees as well. Commercial Register fees, bank charges and certification fees for the power of attorney are charged in addition to the lump sum and will be collected directly by the respective service providers.

The flat rate may be adjusted depending on the complexity of the individual case. An optional consultation can be selected for 300/h CHF as well as an English or Russian translation of the Memorandum and Articles of Association for 200 CHF.


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What do I need to know about the foundation of a PLC/LLC?

How much capital is required to form a corporation?

The minimum capital for a public limited company is 100,000 CHF, of which a minimum of 50,000 CHF is to be paid at the time of the foundation.

How many people are required to be a founder?

One person alone can form a company. This can be a natural person or an already existing corporation. In addition, the new company requires at least one member of the Board of Directors. The board member can be the same person as the founder.

How does the remote foundation work?

In the case of remote foundation, the founders are represented at the notarisation by a certified power of attorney. The required documents are signed by the founders and sent by post directly to the attesting notary.

How much are the registration fees?

The Commercial Register fees amount to approx. 450 - 600 CHF.

What can the paid-in share capital be used for?

The share capital may only be used for company purposes. After the foundation, the share capital of a capital payment account will be transferred to a business account in the name of the new company.

When do I need an auditor?

Small and medium-sized companies can dispense with an auditor under certain conditions if they are not required to perform a regular audit. A regular audit shall only be carried out in the case of public companies and companies which have exceeded two of the following factors in two consecutive financial years:

1. A balance sheet total of 20 million CHF
2. A sales revenue of 40 million CHF
3. An annual average of 250 full-time positions

If this is not the case, a limited audit is generally required, which can be waived if all the founders agree to the waiver and the company has fewer than an annual average of ten full-time positions.

What type of bank account must be opened in connection with the foundation?

For the foundation, a capital payment account in the name of the newly founded company must be opened with a Swiss bank. The capital is transferred to this account prior to the foundation. In addition, a business account must be opened for the company. After the foundation, the capital will automatically be transferred from the capital payment account to the business account. It is recommended that the bank be
contacted at an early stage.