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Data Protection Legal Issues Where a Data Protection Lawyer Can Help

Data protection is an essential aspect in many areas of modern life, including in businesses, workplaces, outsourcing, corporate transactions, and academia. Consulting with a data protection lawyer can be crucial in various situations to ensure compliance with data protection regulations and protect the rights and interests of individuals. Below are some key situations where the assistance of a lawyer is recommended:

  • Preparation of necessary documents for data protection: A data protection lawyer can assist businesses in drafting privacy notices, consent forms, and other legal documents required for compliance with data protection regulations.
  • Data protection projects and consultancy: An experienced data protection lawyer can help businesses meet the requirements of data protection regulations through tailored data protection projects and consultancy services.
  • Investigation of suspected cases: A data protection lawyer can assist businesses in investigating potential data breaches and provide clear recommendations on reporting obligations and necessary remedial actions.
  • Employee data protection: A specialized data protection lawyer can provide comprehensive advice to businesses on employee data protection and support them in digitizing HR departments and managing employees.
  • Dealing with data protection authorities: A data protection lawyer can represent businesses in legal disputes with data protection authorities and support them in enforcing their rights.
  • Transfer of data to third countries: A knowledgeable data protection lawyer can advise businesses on transferring data to third countries and assist them in implementing new standard data protection clauses and updating existing contractual relationships.


In all of these areas, the expertise of a data protection lawyer is crucial to clarify your legal matters and help you navigate through all complex aspects. GetYourLawyer is here to help you find the right specialist who understands your needs and concerns and can competently assist you in all data protection matters.

Frequently Asked Questions about Data Protection

Data protection law determines under what conditions companies, organizations, and other entities are allowed to collect and process personal data. It follows the principle of "as little as possible, as much as necessary." Additionally, every individual has the right to know what information has been collected about them. A data protection lawyer can show you what to look out for.

Switzerland's data protection law is based on Article 13 of the Federal Constitution. This article states that every individual has the right to be protected against the misuse of their personal data. This claim is supported by the Federal Data Protection Act (FADP), which came into force in 1993. A data protection lawyer can tell you how to legally address a violation of privacy.

Data protection law protects personal data. These are pieces of information that reveal something about a specific or at least identifiable individual—either directly or indirectly. Information such as address, year of birth, and name are considered ordinary personal data. Additionally, there are particularly sensitive personal data subject to stricter regulations. A data protection lawyer can inform you about what information falls into this category.

The Federal Data Protection Act can be invoked by all natural persons. Since the revision of the data protection law in 2023, the provisions no longer apply to legal entities. Legal entities continue to be protected by other legal provisions.

The costs for a privacy policy from a lawyer can vary depending on various factors such as the complexity of the policy, the size of the company, and individual requirements.

At GetYourLawyer, you can purchase a comprehensive data protection package for your company - the guideline costs are CHF 2500.

Yes, in Switzerland, there is an obligation to provide information about data processing. Companies processing personal data must be transparent and inform data subjects about how their data is collected, used, and protected.

A privacy policy is a common method to fulfill this obligation and provide data subjects with the necessary information.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a regulation of the European Union that applies to all member states and establishes a uniform data protection standard. It determines the rights that natural persons have regarding the processing of their data. At the same time, it describes what companies must consider when handling personal information.

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