Trademark registration at a fixed price

Certified trademark specialists perform trademark registration at a fixed price of 1,300 CHF.

A trademark creates a secure monopoly for your products and services. If you have first applied for trademark protection, third parties cannot prohibit you from selling your products and/or offering your services under your trademark.

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When do I need the legal package?

The sooner the better - i.e. before the product launch or the start of offering services but, at the latest, with the first investments in your own brand.

For whom is the legal package best suited?

A trademark is designed for anyone participating in commercial transactions with both products and services. It is important to protect yourself at an early stage and to create a monopoly for your own business in which your investments in the trademark are secure.

How long does a trademark registration take?

It depends on the registration at the office. It can take from a few days to 6-8 months. However, the decisive date is always the filing date because the protection is valid from this point in time - no matter how long the application takes.

What do I receive with the registration?

  • Review and assessment of the protectability of the desired trademark by a lawyer specialising in trademark law
  • Identity search (word elements only) for Switzerland
  • Preparation of a list of goods and services 
  • Compilation and electronic filing of the application documents with the Swiss Trademark Office and reporting on the state of affairs
  • Processing of the fee payment 
  • Transmission of the registration certificate 
  • Deadline monitoring


How much does the package cost?

Fixed price of 1,300.00 CHF incl. VAT.

This includes the official fees of 550.00 CHF for registration for up to three classes. Each additional class costs 200.00 CHF (including the official fees of 100.00 CHF). The number of classes can only be determined once the scope of protection for your sector has been reviewed and thus determined.

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What do I need to know about trademark registration?

What are the requirements for a trademark application in Switzerland?

There are exactly three requirements for a trademark application, namely:

1. Owner
2. Trademark
3. Scope of protection

To 1: It must be clear who holds the trademark right, i.e. who is to be the owner of the trademark. There are various possibilities here. It can be a legal entity (public limited company, limited liability company or limited partnership), a natural person or a foundation, an association or a federation.

To 2: Another requirement is a trademark. This is ultimately the symbol for which you want to apply. Most trademark applications are limited to the three standard cases: (a) word mark, (b) combined word/figurative mark or (c) figurative mark. You should discuss internally which word or symbol your company would like to use in the future.

To 3: The last requirement is the scope of protection. Trademarks are not protected in the abstract but only in connection with specific goods and services. For this reason, when you apply for your trademark, you must indicate the products and/or services for which you want to register the trademark.

Why do you need professional assistance?

Essentially, a trademark application is not something you do and complete. It is a process. A wide variety of things can happen in this process. During the application procedure, the relevant office may refuse the trademark on the grounds of lack of distinctiveness, or a third party may assert previous rights - although you already have the trademark certificate in your hands. Regardless, even years after the actual trademark application, you can still receive warning letters. Therefore, it is important to always have a professional specialist on your side.

If you try to save money on your trademark, you are saving at the wrong end. On one hand, trademark protection means security for the company, and, on the other hand, it represents an asset that exists independently of the company. The value of the brand increases with the success and awareness of the products and/or services under the trademark.

How can I protect my trademark outside Switzerland?

There are various options here; either nationally in the respective countries or via the Madrid System of the WIPO. If this is required for your situation, you will need a more detailed clarification. We recommend that you to contact us accordingly.