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You will receive an individual offer for the contract review at a fixed price of CHF 590.- incl. VAT.

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Contracts are the bedrock of successful cooperation. Ensure the contract accurately reflects intentions and expectations, avoid unpleasant surprises if disagreements should arrive in the future, and understand the market standard for the specific type of transaction.


A designated expert will review the contract in detail and prepare a comprehensive "red flag" report including recommendations for optimisation.

When do I need a contract review?

Whenever the execution of an important contract or the negotiation of a contract is imminent.


Who needs a contract review?

The package is suitable for all businesses that are about to enter into an important contract and do not have a legal background or in-depth expertise in contract review themselves. It is particularly advisable to have a legal expert review the terms of the contract, mitigate risks and maximise opportunities.


How long does a contract review take?

The review of the contract can be carried out by a lawyer within one working day. In the form, you can specify a deadline by which the contract should be reviewed.


What do I receive?

  • A red flag report on the most critical contract clauses with colour coding as well as an overall assessment of the contract (e.g. "typical contract for this type of transaction, slightly provider-friendly").
  • For simple contracts, we integrate specific suggestions for changes in the wording.
  • For more complex contracts, we provide a clear recommendation for the next steps (e.g. "ask for a more balanced IP rights and liability clause as they represent a high risk for your company and need to be renegotiated").
  • Every contract review includes a discussion with the reviewing legal advisor in which they can address individual points and answer open questions.

How much does the package cost?

Fixed price of 590 CHF incl. VAT.

You will receive an individual offer for the review of the contract. Do you have any special requests or circumstances that should be taken into account? Mention them in the free text section of the form.

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What do I need to know about contracts?

- Content known as 'essentialia negotii', i.e. clear description of performance and consideration

- Type of contract (e.g. order or contract for work and services) and legally binding provisions

- Termination rights and periods

- Legal consequences in case of inadequate performance or non-compliance as well as liability

For the vast majority of transactions in Switzerland, the freedom of form applies. This means that the contract could also be concluded verbally. However, we always recommend at least a digital signature via e.g. Skribble or DocuSign. Please note that certain transactions, such as assignments, must be in writing. This means the contracts must be signed by hand.

It is advisable to use a good document management system to administer and file the contracts. In addition, the original copy should always be storedin a safe place. Excellent organisational skills have a positive impact on negotiations with buyers or investors.

Essentially, as long as they are in force and for at least 10 years beyond that (certain documents should be kept even longer).


In principle, this can be freely stipulated in the contract (provided that no mandatory statutory provisions apply). If the contract specifies a notice period that violates mandatory statutory provisions, the statutory notice periods apply (e.g. if the employment contract specifies a notice period of one day after the end of the probationary period, this is irrelevant, and the statutory minimum of one month in the first year of service applies). If there are no provisions in the contract, any dispositive (non-mandatory) statutory provisions shall apply.


Finally, for contracts with a very long term or excessively long notice periods, it is advisable to check whether this does not invlove a case of excessive commitment.