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Build your start-up like the professionals and be legally and professionally organised from day 1. All this at a transparent package price of CHF 2'690.-

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Implementing essential legal principles at the time of their foundation helps start-ups establish themselves with optimal security, avoidinglater unnecessary legal problems and high legal costs. The start-up package covers the areas of corporate set-up, contracts, regulatory affairs, IP and HR efficiently and cost effectively and includes personalised advice and legal documents ideally customised for the start-up.

When do I need the start-up legal package?

The start-up package includes the foundation. We recommend that all founders clarify the most important legal basics before the foundation; this not only saves time but also higher costs compared to individual enquiries. Experience shows that sooner or later all five legal areas included in the package can become a challenge.


For whom is the start-up legal package best suited?

Founders and start-ups in the beginning stages of inception or those which have already been founded but have not yet set up a legal basis and are now going to market with their product/service or are closing their first big deal.


How long does the process take?

Typically, setting up the legal basis with the start-up package takes about 2 weeks and includes the following process steps: 

  • Kick-off meeting 
  • Compilation of all required data
  • First draft of the legal documents
  • Joint workshop and clarification of all questions
  • Submission and communication with the authorities
  • Project completion


What do I get?

The start-up package includes personalised advice, best-in-class templates and customisation tailored to the company. The following is covered: 

  • Company set-up: formation of a public limited company/limited liability company, advice on and a template for a shareholders' agreement for up to three co-founders, directorship agreement, a  corporate housekeeping guide.
  • Contracts: General Terms and Conditions for Switzerland for the product or service, Terms of Use for the website, Document Management Guide
  • Regulatory affairs: data protection basics (Privacy Policy and other essential data protection documents), data protection guide FAQ, overview of regulatory restrictions and requirements for the company
  • Intellectual property (IP) protection: trademark registration in Switzerland, advice on IP strategy, IP guide, Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)
  • Human Resources (HR): template for employment contracts and freelance contracts incl. IP clauses and advice on difficult situations when hiring freelancers


Legal questions

In the kick-off meeting as well as in the joint workshop, in which we discuss all documents, all legal questions regarding the five areas can be clarified personally. The start-up package also includes comprehensible guides that document legal knowledge for start-ups and tips for founders transparently.

What does the start-up package cost?

Fixed price of 2,690 CHF incl. VAT.

The costs of approximately 600.00 CHF for the notarial certification and approximately 600.00 CHF for the entry in the commercial register are not included. 


You will receive an individual offer for the preparation and implementation of the start-up package. Do you have any special requests or circumstances that should be taken into account? Mention them in the free text section in the request form.


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What do I need to know about founding a start-up?

The proper legal form depends very much on the business model. If there is a financial risk, we always recommend founding the company in the form of a legal entity. Often a limited liability company (LLC) is sufficient at the beginning. However, as soon as you start looking for investors, you will need to convert to a public limited company (PLC) in most cases.


We always recommend a founders' agreement if you are planning to set up a company with at least one other person. This avoids many conflicts and allows you to concentrate on what is essential for the business.

IP is one of the most important potential competitive advantages, especially for fast-growing companies. Depending on the business model, IP can be, for example, an invention, software, design, a trademark or even certain data. Depending on the type of IP, these can be protected differently, be it by a patent, trademark protection, copyright or simply by non-disclosure agreements.

In addition to employment contracts for employees, a shareholder agreement between the founders and a solid standard contract for your own services are very important.

In addition to the mandatory legal provisions for social insurances, it is particularly important that the IP created by the employees actually belongs to the company and that there is a legally secure employment contract in force - legal disputes with employees are among the most frequent court cases.