Lawyer's fees

With GetYourLawyer, you keep your lawyer's fees under control. Start your enquiry without obligation and free of charge and receive offers from suitable lawyers.

Full cost transparency for legal fees

On the GetYourLawyer platform, you will receive up to three offers for comparison. Depending on the legal concern, the lawyers offer the desired service at a fixed price for an open account, or they agree to a cost framework that must be adhered to. The more precisely you describe your concern, the easier it will be for the lawyer to offer you a fixed price or a fixed budget. In your case description, mention the preferred price option if you think it is appropriate for your case.

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Free enquiry

Start your inquiry free of charge and receive offers from suitable lawyers for the desired advice and support. The more precisely you describe your case, the easier and more precise your offers will be.

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Compare offers

Receive up to three offers from suitable lawyers for your enquiry. They often contain an initial assessment of your case, describe the best course of action, or provide solutions.

100% cost control

Have full cost control of the current mandate anytime and anywhere and see all scheduled activities of your lawyer. At a glance, you can review payments and invoices, their statuses and the individual activities of the lawyer.

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Simple payments

Pay bills easily and uncomplicatedly by bank transfer or credit card.

Free use of the platform

The use and service of our GetYourLawyer platform is free of charge for you. In addition, every request is free of charge. Costs are only incurred if you accept an offer from a lawyer and mandate him—i.e., you only pay for the costs invoiced by the lawyer.

The different types of lawyer offers

Fixed price

If the enquiry is described in detail and the costs for the lawyers can be easily estimated, they can offer their services at a fixed price. This option guarantees you the greatest possible cost security.

Cost ceiling

If, on the basis of your information, the lawyer is unable to estimate the costs exactly but knows to what extent the costs would range, you will receive an offer with a cost ceiling. A lower and upper limit is set for the consultancy costs. During order processing, the lawyer shows the actual services rendered in detail. The final amount is always within the agreed-upon framework.

Open account

Here lawyers offer their advice at a set hourly rate with a minimum effort. You will be charged for the services of the legal adviser according to the time spent, which you can track at any time in your client account.

Good to know

The more precisely you describe your concern, the easier it is for a lawyer to offer a budget or a fixed price. Indicate the preferred pricing method in your request if you think it is appropriate to your case.


Advance payment & invoice payment

We handle the payment processing for the lawyers. As is usual for legal advice, an advance payment is due before the start of the mandate. Here at GetYourLawyer, you first transfer the advance payment to us and we credit it to your account. The first invoices are only paid directly by us to the legal counsel with your credit balance once the lawyer has effectively rendered his services. Any remaining credit will be refunded to you. In this way, we ensure simple invoice processing for all parties involved.

Tip - If there is any disagreement about the lawyer's fee, you can request a review of the invoice. We will mediate between you and the lawyer. However, we cannot assess the quality of the lawyer's work.

Free enquiry

With GetYourLawyer you can rely on a competent partner for legal advice. Here you will find the right lawyer free of charge and without extensive research, and you will always have an eye on all costs during the processing of your mandate. We accompany you from the lawyer search to the final account. If you have any questions during the entire process, our customer service is there to help you.

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