How do I find the right lawyer?

With GetYourLawyer you can rely on a competent partner for legal advice. Here you will find the right lawyer free of charge and without extensive research, and you will always have an eye on all costs during the processing of your mandate. We accompany you from the lawyer search to the final account.

It is important that you can trust your lawyer and imagine working closely with him. The lawyer should have expertise and experience in the area of law in which the specific problem arises.

Place inquiry

Let us know about your legal case via the website. It takes one minute to fill in the request form and record your request. The more precisely you describe your request, the better offers the invited lawyers will be able to send you.

View offers

Our platform brings you together with the lawyers who are best qualified to deal with your case. Check the offers and contact the lawyer directly via our platform if you have any questions.

First contact

For the first contact you can contact the lawyer directly via the messenger on the platform, via email or telephone.

Start collaboration

Decide on the right lawyer and commission him by accepting the offer at the click of a mouse. The platform makes it easy to exchange messages and share documents. These tools help you and your lawyer to process the case efficiently and securely.

Pay in advance

With the transfer of the prepayment an order according to the Code of Obligations between lawyer and client comes into being. In addition, the Federal Law on the Free Movement of Lawyers (BGFA), the Cantonal Laws on Lawyers and the Code of Conduct of the Swiss Bar Association specify the relationship between lawyer and client.